That's How I Roll Foundation


The Goals of our Foundation:

~To pair up a new or existing injury/condition with someone who has the same injury/condition, and has learned the ropes of everyday life.
     Providing a Big Wheels/Little Wheels™ system.

~Help “Little Wheels” build confidence and acceptance within
themselves, and their injuries/conditions.

     In turn, building acceptance within the Community.

~Getting “Little Wheels” out into the world and learn how to function
and interact the
best they can with everyday situations.

~Help “Little Wheels” better understand how to maneuver in their chairs, handle public situations, and build confidence outside the
comfort of the home/hospital atmosphere.

With the help of Volunteers and Sponsors,
we can help "Little Wheels" with something as
simple as dinner or a movie. 
We have found that it is the relationships created
that matter the most in building confidence.

About Us:

Colby & Meara Kortum started this Foundation based on one concept:

Peer interaction and simple conversation may be all it takes to turn someone’s outlook on life around.


Colby was injured in a car accident in Feb. 2000 which left him with a SCI injury at L1-L2.  After being faced with multiple health challenges, he was urged by a friend to come to Denver for his re-eval in May of 2006.  Scheduled to stay for a week, he met his wife on the first day.  At the time she was at the hospital with her mother, who had been in a car accident as well.  Colby’s independence and confidence, along with his ability to overcome life’s obstacles, is what made him stand out.  It was less than a year and a half later, in August of 2007, that Colby and Meara were married.


In 2009, while Meara was in therapy with her mother, she overheard other patients talking about a guy they had met.  They couldn’t believe he worked, traveled, and was married.  Little did they know, it was Meara’s husband they were referring to.   It was a simple conversation in passing that had such a positive and powerful influence.  It was then that the wheels started to turn, ideas were put together, and the Foundation was formed. 

Board Members:

Daniel Hersh

Doug Dalton

A-Jay Nagle

Anna Aranda

John Vcelka

That's How I Roll, Inc.
Thornton, CO 80602

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